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  • Channel District

    The Vision Plan

    The Channel District Vision Plan calls for the development of more than 9 million square feet of mixed-use space and $1.5 billion in private investment over the next decade or so.Learn More

  • Cruises

    Get all of your cruise information on our cruise page.Learn More

  • Real Estate

    We have a port facility for every need.

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  • Port Tampa Bay

    Florida's Largest Cargo Port

    With an Economic Impact of $15-billion, the Port of Tampa is Florida’s largest port by cargo tonnage and in physical area (5,000 acres). Learn More


Bulk, Breakbulk and containers - We do it all. Learn More


Train, Truck, Cars & Ships - We do it all. Learn More


Cruising at Port Tampa Bay - We do it all. Learn More

Real Estate

Port Tampa Bay Real Estate Ventures - We do it all. Learn More


Strength In Diversity

From a wide-ranging cargo mix to its cruise passenger popularity to repair of ships, the Port of Tampa is truly among the nation's most diverse seaports.

This diversity of operations, along with partnerships that facilitate them, holds the key to the Port of Tampa's continuing to flourish as the No. 1 economic engine in West Central Florida, generating nearly 100,000 jobs and delivering some $15 billion in annual economic impact.


The Port of Tampa is building upon its rock-solid foundation to meet the demands of global trade and the needs of a region of more than 8 million consumers.  More than 30 million consumers are within an eight-hour drive.

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