About Port Tampa Bay

Port Tampa Bay's longstanding supremacy among Florida ports is based largely on its leadership in handling of bulk and breakbulk cargos, including phosphate, steel and petroleum, as well as in the shipbuilding industry.  Port Tampa Bay over the past decade has impressively advanced its containerhandling capabilities and seen a rapid growth in regional distribution facilities.


Handling more than 37 million tons of cargo in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2016 – nearly one-third of all cargo moving in and out of the state of Florida. This embraces virtually every imaginable commodity, including vehicles and oversized project cargos, from all corners of the world. Top trade partners include Brazil, Trinidad, Mexico, Honduras, Canada, India , Japan, Colombia, China, and Venezuela. At the same time, the Port of Tampa Bay has emerged among the top eight U.S. cruise ports, smoothly handling nearly 900,000 passenger moves a year.